Stealth™ Coverlite™ spectacles are the most-comfortable overspectacle which you can buy; thanks to the presized size of the temples, it is unbelievably comfortable to use them over your private corrective lenses; it is the lightest overspec on the market; Coverlite™ Orange 550: 100% blue light absorption 380-550nm, UV absorption 280-380nm 99,99%; Designed for special applications such as surface inspection, mechanical work, ultra-violet light, vulcanization, work with curing lamp, dentist and medical applications. Coverlite™ IR 5: UV absorption 280-380nm 99,99%, IR light absorption 780-1400nm 97%, Blue Light absorption 380-500nm 99%; Designed for special welding applications; Overspecs for welders with prescription glasses or spectacle for visitors in Welding environment



  • anti-scratch coating
  • anti-fog coating
  • adjustable temple length
Size: -
Sales unit: 1/240 PC
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