Comfort redefined. Tie your shoes using a single dial CGW

Imagine that both your shoes are always tied perfectly. Not too tight, not too loose. You feel great working all day, the lacing does not push against the instep and your heel is not bouncing around either. This dream can come true with the new CGW lacing system.

We Had a Lecture on Safety for the Only Oil Refinery in the Czech Republic

Nearly 9 million tons of crude oil pass through the two Unipetrol refineries every year. The processing of such a volume of this flammable substance carries many specific risks for the employees.

SVAROG FC Crushes Adversaries As VARTA FUTSAL LEAGUE Continues

SVAROG FC has not lost a single match and boasts a full score in VARTA FUTSAL LEAGUE

The Right Way to Protect Your Hands and Hearing at Work

CERVA training with valuable information for safety engineers, this time focusing on work in noise and hand protection during manual work

Products of the Swedish company Sundström in the CERVA product range

Are you looking for reliable and flexible respiratory protection? CERVA is the right choice. The product range now includes first-rate products with a long tradition and renowned Swedish quality.