TV commercial

Have you seen our latest TV commercial?

Info: Change in Gloves Categorization

We would like to inform you about the new categorization of the glove portfolio in our online catalogue.

CERVA GROUP Is Giving the Environment the Green Light

CERVA GROUP a. s. received a confirmation of its inclusion in a group of companies that aim to be more environmentally friendly.

Forty-year-old in great shape: Panda celebrates a decennial anniversary

The first pair of Panda Safety shoes saw the light of day in 1979, before most of us were even born or were playing with toy cars in the playground. Panda celebrates 40 years and CERVA sends our congratulations.

A historical success of SVAROG team from Teplice!

Despite the 3-0 defeat in the final series with Sparta Prague matches, SVAROG FC futsal club from Teplice has achieved its best ranking in its history.