Standing for a long time reduces productivity. We know how to alleviate the effects.

According to research, almost half of employees across Europe complain about working in painful or tiring positions. A common reason is working standing up, which causes bad blood circulation in the feet and causes back and joint pain. We know how to reduce these consequences of working while standing up.

With reflective garments, your visibility on the road is up to 10 times better. How to make the right choice of these garments?

Nearly two-thirds of all accidents with pedestrian casualties take place at night. That is one of the reasons why, in 2016, an amendment to the Act on Road Traffic was enacted, requiring pedestrians to wear reflective elements under reduced visibility.

Hide from the rain but not from sight

Rain, cold, getting dark early. Most of us don't look forward to autumn, but the work won't do itself. What is important is not the weather, but how you prepare yourself for it. Get Hi-Vis waterproof clothing so that autumn doesn't catch you off guard.

The future lies in clothes that emit light

We at CERVA have just one dream, which is that every craftsman or worker will wear Hi-Vis outdoor clothing. Our vision is reflected in the new Knoxfield collection. And how do we imagine the perfect Hi-Vis clothing will look like?

A guide for choosing protective footwear

Crushing of the instep, stubbing the toes, puncturing of the soles. You've surely met with at least one of these frequent injuries whether in the workplace or puttering about the house. When choosing a work shoe, you first have to determine what risks you face and then choose the shoes accordingly. Not sure how to go about it? Fortunately, we do.