Can you decipher the clothing symbols straight away? Test your knowledge

What do the Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese picture writing and clothing care symbols have in common? They are illegible for outsiders. Clothing symbols are actually very important. They immediately show how demanding the care is, which allows you to better choose the garments for your operations.

A work overall provides protection against hazardous liquids and gases. But it is important to be able to make the right choice when buying one

In painting shops, when manufacturing electronic components or during dry cleaning. Every activity requires the use of a different overall. And we know perfectly, which overall you need in your operations.

Start pruning your garden. But do it wisely. With anti-cut protection

Shaping treetops, pruning older trees and removing dead branches. The necessary actions for anyone who wishes to have their garden in top condition. But before you pull out the saw and head towards the garden or directly to the forest, first brush up the safety principles and arm yourself with the right equipment. You should be pruning branches rather than your limbs.

Introduction to the right fall protection

According to the Czech Statistical Office, about 45,000 people injure themselves at work each year in the Czech Republic. Is the culprit non-compliance with legislation, inadequate safety equipment or excessive risk-taking? Perhaps all of the above, but a big risk also lies in underestimating. This is especially true for work at heights.

What you didn’t know about gloves

People in the ancient Persia, Rome and Greece wore mittens. In the Middle Ages, however, knights needed their fingers to have better movement. And that is how one of the greatest inventions in the history of hand protection - gloves - came into the world. Over time, gloves also became an indispensable fashion accessory. But let's have a look at their true original purpose - protection of hands.