Comfortable work clothes that make you look good? This is the new Dayboro collection

Working clothes from the Dayboro collection are currently the most attractive things you can find in the latest CERVA catalogue. Individual pieces from the collection are not only very functional, but also comfortable. In addition, we follow trends and therefore want you to look good in our new collection as well.

Laboratory safety. Do you know what you should definitely not forget?

Regardless of the industry - pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial engineering or food production - sufficient safety measures must be adopted to create a safe, productive and enjoyable working environment for everyone.

A complete guide to how to deal with heat in the workplace in summer

It might seem that there is no danger when it is warm and sunny. The opposite is true. Heat and sun in the workplace can become your greatest enemy.

4 tips for choosing the right work gloves

Work gloves are important protective equipment used across many industries and professions to protect hands from injuries in workplace accidents. However, there are many types of gloves, each meeting specific needs. Before buying gloves, make sure you are buying the right ones.

Excessive noise – how to protect yourself against an invisible risk

Hearing damage is the 15th most serious occupational risk in the world and affects approximately 250 million employees. Learn how to identify workplace noise, what the consequences are and how to protect yourself.