Do-it-yourselfers do not lack enthusiasm, but they often lack protective equipment...

Do-it-yourselfers, throwing themselves into new spring projects, have a lot of enthusiasm. But they often lack caution and protective equipment. The danger connected with work with a chainsaw is obvious, but you are not safe even when you paint your fence or hoe your garden. For your safety, we recommend: read on. Let us describe the four most common do-it-yourself activities and related risks.

An ordinary respirator does not work for smog. Check out how to protect yourself.

If you want to protect the airways against smog or when painting or cleaning waste, an ordinary respirator or filtration half mask is not sufficient protection. That only protects against dust particles. For protection against chemical substances you need a higher level of protection.

Protect your hearing. Do you hear that? Protect your hearing!

So, this is what the sale of our product range for hearing protection could look in the event that it's too late ... Start protecting your ears in a timely manner. You can also damage them during normal activity such as cutting the grass. How many decibels is already dangerous for the health, and how to protect against them? Keep reading.

Warn of threats in time! Safety signs will help you

They warn you against hazards, advise of necessary protective aids or help escape from fire. Safety signs can do all of that. See how they should be like and how to work with them. In this way, you can prevent a lot of injuries in future.

Do you use your head? So protect it!

Many people consider wearing a helmet an unpleasant obligation. However, insufficient head protection may be worth your life in an extreme case. It is quite a high price for taking the helmet off just because it is uncomfortable or looks ridiculously. Read how to choose a safety helmet you will feel really well wearing it.