CIUDADES workwear collection was primarily developed for warmer climate regions of South Europe, Middle East and northern parts of Africa. It consists of a complete range of garments available in a wide variety of colours. Its core products are produced from lightweight fabric of 195 g /m2 composed of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton.

NEURUM A design collection that goes well beyond traditional workwear

The latest collection made by our designers, which is not only stylish, also provides exceptional functionality and practicality. We consider it a necessity that nowadays workwear must also be attractive and maximally comfortable to wear.

Disposable work clothing

Up till now, you may have been convinced that work clothes should protect you for a long time, but in fact, this may not be the rule. Disposable work clothing is specially designed for specific conditions and it is intended for single use only.

Now in stock! Coba social distancing floor mats

Social distancing floor mats made by Coba Europe are a very practical accessory that will find a huge application in a number of places now and in the future. They are designed to be laid on the floor, where they ensure sufficient distance between customers in stores in the cash register area, at office counters, in workplaces and, in fact, wherever necessary. You can select from 4 varieties of floor mats.

Change in marking of gloves sold under the CERVA brand

We would like to inform you about the change in the marking of gloves sold under the CERVA brand. The current marking of chemical gloves features a new print on the back of the glove; all other gloves have a newly sewn-in label with legislative requirements. The blister pack of gloves was also updated as well as the design of disposable glove boxes.