CleanSpace Half Mask Adapt for Fit Test
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The CleanSpace Half Mask Adaptor for Quantitative Fit is designed to be used with the CleanSpace Half Masks. The mask fit test adaptor is fitted in the front of the half mask to enable a Quantitative Fit (TSI PortaCount) Test. Instructions for use are provided with the adaptor. NOTE: The CleanSpace Full Face Mask (PAF-1014) requires the CleanSpace Full Face Mask Quantitative Fit Test (PortaCount) Adaptor (PAF-1015). Used with the revolutionary CleanSpace Respirators: light weight, no hoses or belts Used with the CleanSpace Half Masks only Quick and easy to install Fits with the TSI PortaCount equipment Easy to wash and quick drying
Hmotnost: 35.4

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