Start pruning your garden, but ..

But do it wisely. With anti-cut protection

Shaping treetops, pruning older trees and removing dead branches. The necessary actions for anyone who wishes to have their garden in top condition. But before you pull out the saw and head towards the garden or directly to the forest, first brush up the safety principles and arm yourself with the right equipment. You should be pruning branches rather than your limbs.

It might seem like repetition to you, but repetition is the mother of wisdom and, in this case, also the mother of sound health. Do not start pruning headlong and go through the correct procedure first:

  1. Always first read the manual and the safety instructions for the tools you are going to use.
  2. The saw blade length should always be at least ⅓ longer than the diameter of the tree or branch you are going to cut. So avoid tree trunks that are too thick. At the same time, the saw should not be too heavy for you.
  3. Always make sure you have enough space around you. Beware of high voltage cables, car or garden furniture, for example. Make sufficient space to be able to dodge falling branches.
  4. Start the saw when it is lying on the ground in horizontal position and hold it firmly by the front handle while putting your foot on the rear handle.

While cutting:

  • Always hold the saw with your stronger hand (right-handed people with right hand) at the rear handle; this is the hand that controls the cutting direction. Use your other hand to hold the front handle; that's where you determine the force.
  • Stand firmly with your feet apart a little more than your shoulder width. That way you have more stability and reduce the risk of the saw sliding away.
  • Do not cut anything that is higher than your shoulders; the ideal height is around your waist.
  • Cut in the direction from the saw tip and cut through the middle of the chain. Making the cut too close to the saw end may cause a dangerous kick.
  • Do not cut too close to the ground.

Each time before using the saw:

  • check whether the chain is not loose,
  • clean the saw,
  • check the filters and replace them, if necessary,
  • make sure that both the gas and the brake work correctly.

And most importantly: do not forget the right protective equipment

Hands are by far the most exposed to injuries when working with a chainsaw or other cutting tools. Therefore, solid gloves are a must. However, you also cannot do without anti-cut trousers, head protection and robust footwear. Which products are the most suitable?

SIOEN 2XD2 gloves

This model is the best choice for working with a chainsaw. Certification under EN-381-7 in class 1 proves that. The certification requirements are met by the left glove, which is at imminent risk with right-handed persons. If you need a certified glove for the right hand, please contact our sales department or PPE consultants.

Sitta Palm, Sitta 3/4, Sitta full gloves

The most important feature of these gloves is their cut resistance (letter D) based on the updated EN388 standard. You can buy the gloves in three different coating versions:

  • coating on fingers and in the palm only,
  • coating on the back of the hand as well,
  • full coating (appropriate when working in a strongly contaminated environment)

Fieldfare gloves

Thin, yet very abrasion-resistant. Your Fieldfare gloves will really last a long time. They come in handy when you need feeling in your hand, for instance when filling up fuel or oils. They have a nitrile coating resistant to oils and lubricants. But they cannot offer any anti-cut protection. Use these gloves for finer auxiliary work with smaller tools and for maintenance.

SIP 1XSP pants

Your feet are perfectly protected against cuts by eight layers of the robust material Freedom2. The trousers meet certification under EN 381-5:1995, EN 340:2003 + CE. Thanks to the water-resistant Hydura, even a rain shower will be a piece of cake for you. However, we do not recommend working in adverse weather conditions because the risk of the saw sliding away is significantly higher.

How does the anti-cut protection work

All products with anti-cut certification include a special lining with kilometres of fibres, which will come lose when they come into contact with a saw and will start to wind around. That will cause the saw rotation to stop.


It goes without saying that you need to protect your head as well. This set is suitable not only for professional foresters, but also for gardeners. Adjustable helmet, face shield and protective earmuffs will protect you against falling branches, sticking-out rods as well as against excessive noise of the chainsaw engine.

SIOEN Grizzly 3SIC shoes

Your feet should be properly protected as well. The SIOEN certified boots designed for working with chainsaw will provide such protection up to below your knees. The membrane, high heat resistance and efficient transpiration outlets will guarantee that you can work comfortably for long hours without sweating.

With the correct procedure and appropriate equipment, you are exposed to minimum risks. So now you can start making your garden look more beautiful without worries.

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