Peltor Tri-Flange vinyl cord PN-01-005
3M™ Tri-Flange™ Earplugs are our innovative, comfortable hearing protectors with soft, flexible flanges that adapt to the shape of your ears. Available with a cloth or vinyl cord, convenient for intermittent use. Get comfortable and hygienic hearing protection with 3M™ Tri-Flange™ Earplugs. CE Certified, they are approved against EN 352-2 and reduce noise levels up to 29 dB. Our earplugs feature soft, flexible triple flanges that adapt to the shape of your ear canal to form a secure seal against noise. There’s no roll required or need to handle the tip of the plug as they push in, helping keep your ears and plugs hygienic, which is ideal in dirty loud environments. Reliable and robust, the plugs are moisture resistant making them suitable for use multiple times and easily washed. Available with a cloth or vinyl cord that keeps the plugs together and you can thread them around your neck, convenient if you move in and out of noisy environments frequently.
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