Jetstream Dust Constructor Kit (PSL)
Aangedreven luchtzuiverend gasmasker
Jetstream® Dust Constructor Kit (TH2P R SL) with Multi Plug Jetstream® is a belt-mounted rechargeable respirator with a large capacity disposable filter supplying clean air through a highly flexible reinforced hose to a variety of head tops for different applications. Comfort Waist mounted blower unit with fully automatic alarm and integrated battery attached to a wide comfortable waist belt. Complete unit and belt weighs just 765g. (Weight dependent on model variations) High Performance 180 litres of air per minute are delivered through the Jetstream® filter via a highly flexible hose to the desired head top unit. Jetstream® Dust Constructor Kit (TH2P R SL) with Multi-region plug The Jetstream® Dust Constructor kit carry case contains: EVO®5 safety helmet complete with sealed polycarbonate visor Flexible hose PSL dust filters Flow meter Rechargeable battery Multi-region plug adaptor
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