EVO VISTA lens M/Peak WR Whi/Whi wit
EVO® VISTAlens® is a new generation safety helmet based on the proven Evolution® head protection technology; includes fully retractable optical class 1 eye protection; integrated goggles are easy to put on, adjust and maintain, so protection is at hand whenever needed; scratch resistance; anti-fog resistance; UV protection - 2: UV filter (EN 170) provides protection against harmful UV radiation, helmet withstands EN 397 tests EN 50365 Electrical insulation - For use in low voltage installations; this optional test ensures reliable protection against electric shock up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC
Type helm: EN 397 - Industriële veiligheidshelmen
Hoofdbeschermingsfuncties: Elektrische isolatie, Met ventilatie
Harnas: 6 punts
Maataanpassing: Wielratel
Levensduur: 5 jaar
Helmfuncties: Geïntegreerde oogbescherming
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