In the second semi-finals match, the Teplice-based Svarog FC met Slavia Prague, defeating them at their own field by 4:9 and, thus, securing a solid lead in the series by 2:0.

The time for seasonal jobs is coming. How to ensure the safety of employees and temporary workers?

Agriculture, manufacturing halls and road works. These are the fields that attract a lot of seasonal employees and temporary workers. However, they must follow the same safety regulations as everyone else. Read about the greatest hazards associated with seasonal work and how to prevent them.

Are you about to mow your lawn after winter? Be careful

Lawn mowing is a routine job for many people. They put on their shorts and slippers and get right to work so that it's over with as soon as possible. But they forget that even such a common activity may entail unexpected risks. Do not underestimate protection at work during lawn mowing as well and read our tips about protection.

Work safety depends on proper protective footwear

Everyone wants shoes that are comfortable, functional and that ideally look good as well. Safety footwear, however, needs more than that. Depending on the type of profession, it may require special soles, toecaps or materials resistant to heat, oils or even cutting by a chainsaw. Learn to choose the right footwear according to the type of activity.

Air pollution at work acts as an invisible killer

Aerosols - fine particles in the air - are equally dangerous to your lungs as a circular saw is to your fingers. But since they are practically invisible, many workers and safety technicians tend to underestimate them. Don't be like them; learn to choose the correct respiratory protection.