Work safety depends on proper protective footwear

Everyone wants shoes that are comfortable, functional and that ideally look good as well. Safety footwear, however, needs more than that. Depending on the type of profession, it may require special soles, toecaps or materials resistant to heat, oils or even cutting by a chainsaw. Learn to choose the right footwear according to the type of activity.

Air pollution at work acts as an invisible killer

Aerosols - fine particles in the air - are equally dangerous to your lungs as a circular saw is to your fingers. But since they are practically invisible, many workers and safety technicians tend to underestimate them. Don't be like them; learn to choose the correct respiratory protection.

Tips for winter equipment by profession

Working outdoors can be pleasant, but when it's -15 °C and snowing at night, most of us would rather stay warm inside. But our protective clothing keeps you warm even in such conditions. For rescuers, road workers or construction supervisors. We will recommend the right equipment for your type of work.

29 years since the revolution have meant 29 years of free PPE development

The fall of the Iron Curtain on 17 November 1989 opened up various new opportunities for the Czech people. At the same time, it marked the start of a race against Western Europe in all conceivable branches of the national economy. We saw our chance in occupational safety

Beat the Unpleasant Autumn Weather in Waterproof Clothing that Prevents Sweating and Makes You Visible

It's not quite dark yet but the sun is long gone - that's called twilight. And on top of that, it's raining and drivers are happy they can see at least some rough outlines of the road ahead of them. And you have to work on the side of the road in such conditions. What standards should your clothing comply with in such weather?