MoF-6 A2B2E2K2 filter pre CM-6
Protective Filter MOF - 6 A2B2E2K2 Body made of special plastic material Dimensions: diameter 112 mm, height 93 mm, weight 320 g Breathing resistance at: 30 I/min - 150 Pa, 95 I/min - 500 Pa Thread connection: EN 148-1 Rd 40xl /7" or GOST 8762-75 OZ 40x4 mm Standards: EN 14387:2004 Range of protection Organic, inorganic, sour gases and vapours, chlorine, cyclohexane, toluene, alcohol, phosgene, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, chloropicrin, sarin, yperite, formal­ dehyde, bromine, hydrogen chloride and fluoride, ammonia, organic amines. Areas of use Chemical, petrochemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries, foundries, paint shops, hospitals, laboratories, populations in endangered locations etc.
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