Tips for winter equipment by profession

Working outdoors can be pleasant, but when it's -15 °C and snowing at night, most of us would rather stay warm inside. But our protective clothing keeps you warm even in such conditions. For rescuers, road workers or construction supervisors. We will recommend the right equipment for your type of work.

Rescuers and towing services

When rescuers receive a call, they can't just say: "It's dark and cold outside, we'll come tomorrow."  They always have to get there immediately. That is why they should be properly equipped in the winter.

Risks when working in the winter:

  • Collision with passing cars due to poor visibility
  • Slipping when moving on slippery roads
  • Catching a chill

Proper equipment

Clovelly Pilot 2 iin 1 jacket

A reflective jacket is a must for rescuers and towing staff. Thanks to its water resistance and sealed seams, they won't mind the rain or snow. And when it gets warmer, they can remove the sleeves and wear the jacket like a vest. It will keep its reflective properties.

BK TPU MF S3 CI SRC ankle shoes

Farmer shoes are a classic. The Black Knight Honey winter ankle shoes are ideal for work combining outdoor and indoor environments.

Heron Winter gloves

Emergency and towing services

Those who deal with emergency situations on roads and underground utilities cannot choose when an accident happens either. Whether it is a gas accident or an accident on the road, these people have to deal with the situation immediately. Even when its freezing outside and pitch black, they have to do a lot of hard manual work.

Risks when working in the winter:

  • Slipping on a leaked fluid.
  • Injury when moving on slippery roads.
  • Catching a chill.
  • Frostbite on the hands when handling tools.

Proper equipment

Tripura 4 in 1 jacket

This thermoinsulated jacket with reflective stripes and a removable top windbreaker and sleeves was designed for work in rapidly changing conditions. It is waterproof, but also well-ventilated.


These farmer shoes also resist oil, which makes them well suited for movement in accident areas with a frequent risk of leakage of dangerous fluids.

Palawan Winter gloves

Tools do not slip out of these knitted gloves, because the palm and fingers are covered with a latex foam layer. Their flexible wrist also improves tool handling.

Road workers

A lot of us are angry at them, but they have a lot of hard work ahead of them every winter. Gritting roads, repairing potholes and clearing trees that fall on the road due to snow is mostly done on night shifts when it is coldest.

Risks when working in the winter:

  • Collision with passing cars due to poor visibility.
  • Frequent changing between low outdoor temperatures and the heated cab of a vehicle.
  • Slipping when moving on slippery roads.
  • Catching a chill.
  • Frostbite on the hands when handling tools.

Proper equipment

Malabar 2 in 1 jacket

Apart from its waterproof design, removable hood and sealed seams during an unpleasant snowfall, road workers will also enjoy the inserted fleece layer when spending a long time in the cold. They also need reflective elements, of course. Thanks to the adjustable hem, hood and sleeves, the jacket will fit anyone.


Waterproof leather, an extremely durable sole and a massive overcap make these shoes a perfect companion for all road workers. Whether working on an unfinished highway or a snowy farm road.

Nightjar gloves

These knitted gloves keep the hands warm and, thanks to the rough palm area and natural latex, they are reliable even when handling tools.

Construction supervisors and railwaymen

At first glance, these two professions do not have much in common, but both include long stays outdoors. Whether you are operating lights or barriers as a railwayman or making sure buildings are constructed properly as a construction supervisor.

Risks when working in the winter:

  • Slipping when moving in rough terrain.
  • Catching a chill when spending the whole day in the cold.
  • Frostbite on the hands when handling tools.

Proper equipment

Sefton jacket

Hi-vis reflective stripes, water resistance and effective ventilation. This jacket is ideal for long work in busy areas where you alternate between long standing and physical activity. The jacket is also certified according to RIS 3279 TOM for use on railways.

RAVEN XT O2 CI SRC high ankle

Their high ankle thermoinsulated design keeps workers warm in freezing temperatures while allowing them to quickly react and move when dealing with an acute problem, even in difficult terrain. In addition, the metal toe box and the puncture-resistant insole keep the foot safe in all circumstances.

Rukavice Heron Winter gloves

These grain pigskin gloves can keep hands warm all day long. Even in the lowest temperatures.

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