How to navigate the Panda footwear?

Come with us to see how to navigate the Panda footwear offer better
2021. 07. 14. / Michal Jirák

Italian manufacturer of safety and work shoes celebrates 40 years of existence this year. We are proud to work together for more than 10 years on our joint mission: to contribute to increasing social health protection. CERVA has been the owner of Panda since 2008 and has a total of 84 Panda footwear models out of a total of 150 divided into 11 product lines. Each has its specifics and uses. Let's have a look at each Panda product line.

To begin with, it will not briefly introduce Panda Safety. Italian manufacturer established, as indicated in the introduction, in 1979 in Cisternino in southern Italy. Through its history of raw materials and the development of ever more robust components, the company has gained a reputation for being a very reliable brand whose products are characterized by a long service life.

As time went by, it was necessary to emphasize other attributes of the shoe, such as shape and anatomical characteristics and improvement of its protective function, so that Panda could be used in any work environment. Thanks to the exceptionally high-quality standards and the typical Italian pursuit of excellence, Panda Safety has gained the trust of many distributors and a vast number of end customers both in the domestic Italian market and internationally over the last century and the beginning of the present. As a result, Panda has been able to deliver to 50 countries around the world.

Emphasis on quality in every detail

Panda's brilliance is based on three core values: material quality, years of experience and specialized work. Footwear is always made from top quality raw materials to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for every worker. Even with prolonged use, the worker does not perceive discomfort while still being protected.

With 40 years of product development experience, Panda can offer products that meet the real needs of every worker.

The industrially produced footwear, which is handled with craftsmanship, makes Panda Safety an imaginary "armour" capable of protecting not only injuries and injuries but also risks not visible to the human eye, such as microbes and bacteria.

Panda product line


The brand new TOP SNEAKER product line consists of 4 models. 2 ankle boots (KIARA, KIPSI) and 2 low shoes (KUBANG, KASMIN) are lace-up and completely free of metal parts, making them suitable for use in controlled operations such as airports.

Protective elements - toe cap and puncture-resistant insole are made of composite materials. As a matter of course, you can take a non-slip sole. The upper made of high-quality water-resistant full-grain leather complements the inside of transparent antibacterial mesh. As with all Panda Safety models, the inner profile of the sole is ergonomic. The shoes of the TOP SNEAKER series are thus able to adapt to the natural shape of the foot arch. These features allow the user to move at maximum speed during all phases of the working process.


Cleanliness and freshness in every movement, lightness and dexterity - these are the main characteristics of the SANITARY & FOOD product line: footwear specially designed for healthcare professionals and businesses where food and beverages are served or processed.

In general, this is the ideal type of footwear for people who work in an environment requiring maximum hygiene. Because the risks posed by microbes or eye batteries are invisible, the inner lining of this shoe has not only exceptional breathability but also the ability to release water vapour. The worker's leg is thus kept dry. Besides, the footwear is also provided with a unique antibacterial and antimicrobial substance to ensure perfect and consistent hygiene inside the shoe. ASTURA ankle shoes represent the SANITARY & FOOD product line.

Footwear in this range includes both metal and non-metal toe models. The composite toe cap in combination with polyurethane foam ensures that these shoes are particularly light and flexible. The specially designed tread pattern, designed to adhere to surfaces stained with oils and acids, ensures excellent adhesion and slip resistance.


Simple, clean lines and best price/performance ratio. The BASIC footwear reflects the needs of workers in a variety of work environments, from the most common to places where the risk of injury is very high. The cornerstone of success is the selection of materials of the highest quality.

The BASIC product line is affordable, but its models still maintain very high-quality standards of the Panda Safety trademark. The shoes are given the utmost care so that each part of the shoe corresponds to the perfection of handmade shoes. We offer a total of 10 Panda - Basic models. You can choose from models from sandals to ankle boots.


Choosing the right safety or work shoes should begin with setting requirements according to the nature of the work. STRONG footwear is the ideal choice for all workers who need to combine maximum power and freedom of movement to perform their work.

AUGE, TOPOLINO or INTEGRALE models are made of the most durable leather and have a sole reinforced by direct polyurethane injection. Another advantage of this collection is its breadth. CERVA has a total of 13 models of the STRONG product line. Shoes from this model line adapt to any style and satisfy any need. The product range includes sandals, work moccasins, Velcro shoes and ankle shoes.


The STRONG PROFESSIONAL range finds applications in work environments where durability and protection are required without compromising wearer mobility and comfort.

Flexibility and strength are the main characteristics of this range, including the MONZA, MISTRAL and TIGROTTO models. Polyurethane sole with its density - softer and more flexible on the inner side of the sole and harder and more resistant on the tread side, ensures high slip resistance and maximum comfort even during long-term use.

The antistatic sole is also reinforced in the toe and heel area - the areas that are most exposed to wear. At the same time, these elements provide additional impact protection. These shoes excel not only because of their extraordinary technical characteristics but also with an innovative design that uses a reflective colour quilting contrasting with the black natural leather used to make the upper.


Three models from the SPOTLIGHT product line - BIALBERO, AUDAX, CURSOR - can be found in the CERVA product portfolio. Its dynamism and comfort characterize this range. You can handle your work 100% without feeling tired.

The main feature of this range is its high visibility - light colours, fluorescent material and reflective accessories were used to make the upper. Therefore, these shoes are the ideal shoe for environments where visibility is an essential safety factor. This feature, together with the low weight, provides the wearer with a continuous sense of comfort. AIRNET inner lining ensures the best performance of the shoe in terms of breathability and water vapour release.


The EXTREME collection combines aesthetics with the perfection of the finest materials. Modern components are designed to make the shoes attractive and not to forget the comfort of the user. The protection function is a matter, of course.

The full-grain leather upper is entirely impermeable thanks to the unique manufacturing process. The result of the tanning is the shine that is characteristic of the EXTREME product line. There are three models from this collection - GIULIETTA, GIULIA and TECTOR.

All line models have a composite tip that is lighter than its steel equivalent. The sole is made of reinforced polyurethane, a specific protection element is placed in the tip area against abrasion and wear. The elasticity of the polyurethane foam midsole is then combined with the strength of a two-colour compact thermo-polyurethane tread.


The unbeatable comfort that only Panda Safety products can offer is the result of an endless and careful examination of the morpho-anatomical characteristics of the human foot. The right choice of materials and the most suitable components is a natural result of knowing a wide range of work environments.

Models from the TOP CLASSIC range, all of which can be named SCUDO, RITMO or ESAGAMMA, combine the uniqueness of Italian design and the quality of the materials used. The sole made from a combination of polyurethane and thermo-polyurethane is the result of the practical application of the latest technical innovations in the production of safety footwear.

Water-repellent full grain leather, warm winter model variants, reflective elements and contrasting stitches make the TOP CLASSIC range especially suitable for the transport, energy or mining industries.


Whether you are pursuing business goals or sports goals, it is crucial to set a target that is even better than your limits. The TOP TREKKING range ensures that you feel as if you were going downhill on your way to your destination. These shoes with a sporty and dynamic look are characterized by the use of specially selected materials to maximize the protective function of the shoe.

We offer a total of 5 models from this series. Typical features include reflective elements or unique outer lace guides to ensure even instability and instability. The outsole again consists of a polyurethane midsole and thermo-polyurethane tread, which guarantees wear resistance, slip resistance and resistance to static discharges.


Panda Safety's R&D department is continuously involved in the search for new technical solutions for work and safety footwear. Constant development should ensure adequate performance in a wide range of work activities in complete safety without the need for users to give up comfort.

Shoes from the new collection TECHO express maximum involvement of modern technology in the production of safety shoes. Models NO. ONE, NO. TWO, NO. Like the previous series, EIGHT and others have a sole made of a combination of polyurethane and thermo-polyurethane. The design of the car tire inspires the thick tread. It directs external fluids or fatty substances with which it comes into contact and ensures maximum adhesion to the surface. This feature minimizes the risk of slipping.

The quality of this product line is even more evident when looking at other components and materials, such as the upper leather on the upper, the internal mesh lining with micro-channel technology for optimum breathability.


TOP WINTER & FIERY models guarantee the safety of your feet in any climatic conditions. Shoes ARDITA, CERBIATTO or LEONCINO can maintain thermal insulation of the foot in a freezing environment or on the scorching surface. These shoes are also an ideal choice for all those who work in the presence of electricity.

The collection features a new type of outsole, the main feature of which is: midsole made of low-density polyurethane and nitrile rubber tread. Thanks to the admixture of the originally natural fibre FIBREGRIP into the rubber compound, the TOP WINTER outsole creates micro-wear on the tread pattern, which ensures maximum slip resistance.

The FIERY sole features a bright red tread pattern and protects the walk from high temperatures. The outsole is resistant to temperatures reaching 300 ° C and is also dielectric, protecting against electrical discharges of up to 20,000 volts.

Final word

We are continually trying to expand the Panda product line, but the sorting mentioned above should, in principle, be maintained. We hope that this article serves as not only a guide to navigating Panda product families but also the reason to order one of the models.

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