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Gloves with Sanitized® treatment and Oeko-Tex® label

Gloves are essential to ensure hygiene and safety in a wide range of industries and they are currently being widely used even in everyday life.

As already discovered, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is able to survive on a solid surface even for days. In industries where the wearing of gloves is commonplace, the gloves themselves can act as a means of transmitting the virus to other places, making them dangerous on their own.

However, if gloves are treated with antimicrobial additives at the time of manufacture, they may provide the wearer with an additional degree of protection and, in addition, reduce or completely eliminate the risk of transfer of a dangerous substance to other surfaces. Gloves with Sanitized® treatment fully meet this condition.

What is the Sanitized® treatment?

Sanitized® treatment protects dipped gloves from uncontrollable microbial growth; it is especially suitable when the glove is intended for repeated use. Thanks to the surface treatment, the gloves also protect the goods they come into contact with from microbial contamination (for example in industrial production or in mail order services). This helps reduce further spread of microbes.

Recent independent tests have shown that Sanitized® treatment is able to disrupt the coronavirus envelope and inactivate the virus itself. Laboratory testing using an associated virus with almost identical properties to SARS-Cov-2 showed that the same mechanical action would destroy all similar coronavirus cells. This is especially important for customers who can use our gloves repeatedly and safely without endangering themselves or their surroundings.

Our product portfolio includes the following gloves with Sanitized® treatment:

  • Rufinus 01080038
  • Modularis 01080041
  • Petrel 01100008
  • Flamingo 01190001
  • Nivalis 01100116
  • Virdis 01080042

Gloves with Sanitized® treatment can thus now work as a great protection and prevention against the still actual threat in the form of Covid-19. In addition to the gloves above, you can also choose gloves that, in addition to antibacterial protection, also bear the Oeko-Tex label.


What should I picture under the Oeko-Tex® label?

The Oeko-Tex® label is used to mark gloves whose users are not exposed to any harmful substances, which should naturally be the standard. However, for products with this label, the content of contaminants in the fabric material is rigorously tested.

Products bearing the Oeko-Tex® label are thus always made of materials that have been proven not to have harmful effects on people and that can be fully trusted by the consumer.

The following gloves have both Sanitized® treatment and Oeko-Tex® label:

  • Nyroca 01080069
  • Nyroca Dots 01080070
  • Bonasia 01130091
  • Naevia 01130072
  • Oenas 01130073
  • Turtur 01190011
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