New innovative material used in our CIUDADES collection

The combination of 50 % cotton and 50 % polyester ensures excellent breathability for work in hot climate conditions.

What makes Lumicotex so innovative?

The low material weight enhances comfort. Moreover, the used twill-weave technology increases ultimate strength of fabric. In addition to the basic combination of HI-VIS yellow and orange colours, the collection also offers the combination of HI-VIS and dark blue colours. The top HI-VIS line of CIUDADES garments collection fulfils safety classification # 1 and # 2 according to EN ISO 20471. The CIUDADES Workwear collection is distinguished by a unique and comfortable fit you will not want to take off. asd

Why choose Lumicotex?

Clothing is made of a material that allows free movement and high comfort. This collection is simply designed to suit almost everyone.

Still don't understand? Let's see the difference for yourself!

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