Disposable work clothing

Up till now, you may have been convinced that work clothes should protect you for a long time, but in fact, this may not be the rule. Disposable work clothing is specially designed for specific conditions and it is intended for single use only.

Although disposable work clothing is still characterized by sufficient durability and quality to provide adequate protection against risks in the workplace, it is designed so that no maintenance is necessary. This means that it is ideal for use in an environment in which cleaning of PPE would entail additional exposure to hazard and significant increase in costs. That is why it is used in workplaces with the presence of extremely hazardous substances, whether they are chemically aggressive substances or viruses.

Disposable work clothing forms a whole category of personal protective equipment. Disposable overalls, arm sleeves, disposable shoe covers or protective cloaks are available to provide protection for almost any work environment.

Disposable overalls

Disposable clothing designed for protection in a wide range of environments that can be supplied in many sizes and in three colours - white, yellow and Hi-Vis orange. Disposable overalls provide maximum protection of the body against various risks. There are hooded overalls and shoe covers, overalls without shoe covers or antistatic overalls available.

Disposable arm sleeves

Disposable arm sleeves provide additional protection for lower arms and wrists of the person wearing these items. They serve as a prevention against penetration of harmful chemicals and other risks in the workplace.

Shoe covers

We offer a wide range of disposable shoe covers from various brands and materials. They can be used as an additional protective element if you do not have disposable overalls with shoe covers. They serve as protection against penetration or escape of hazardous substances. They are also often used during visits to hospitals and other medical facilities to prevent any harmful substance transferred from outdoors on the shoes from contaminating the sterile environment of these facilities. You can choose from anti-slip protective sleeves as well as sleeves without anti-slip treatment from several brands.

Protective cloaks

Disposable protective cloaks are suitable for use in catering, manufacturing and industrial plants. Since you use them once only, too, you do not have to worry about cleaning and storing of used cloaks.


How to choose disposable protective garments?

The equipment used must adequately protect the user against the hazards for which the equipment is intended. Disposable protective equipment should be used in particular in the following cases:

  • the risk of inhalation of microscopic particles persists even after implementation of other appropriate control mechanisms;
  • in the event of emergencies or temporary failure of control mechanisms, unless there are other appropriate measures;
  • in case of frequent short-term exposure to harmful substances where other measures may be impractical.

If you are going to use disposable protective garments, several key aspects should be taken into account. These include, in particular: the user (the one who will wear the disposable clothing), the work task (what the user of the disposable clothing will do) and the environment (where the disposable clothing will be used).

Other important conditions relating to the dangerous substance should also be taken into account when selecting disposable PPE to be used during the work activity. The nature of the dangerous substance considerably determines the choice of suitable PPE. These are mainly the following characteristics:

  • hazards arising from the substance and its amount in the air;
  • nature of the work performed;
  • form in which the PPE user will come into contact with the dangerous substance;
  • specific requirements for the worker that may be necessary (for example, wearing protective goggles).

Although there is no need to maintain disposable safety clothing, it should always be inspected and checked for defects and damages before use. Otherwise, any problem should be reported.

Risks requiring disposable protective clothing

Many risks in the workplace can occur in a very short time and therefore require the use of disposable overalls, especially when the use of conventional PPE is not appropriate. Typical hazards include harmful dusts, vapours, and aerosols that may cause skin damage or damage to clothing.

If disposable protective equipment is available, the potential hazards are greatly mitigated.

Requirements for employers:

  • In industries where disposable PPE is required to facilitate normal work or where workers may be at health or safety risk, the employer must provide disposable clothing free of charge and ensure that it is suitable for the intended use.
  • It is the employer's responsibility to provide employees with necessary protective equipment, to maintain it and to arrange suitable training that teaches employees how to properly wear PPE.
  • All products purchased should be marked with a CE marking in accordance with Directive 89/686/EEC of 1989.
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