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  • Reduction of PPE costs by at least 20%
  • Availability of PPE 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Monitoring the consumption of each employee
  • Location of the machine directly in the operation area
  • Access to items according to the type of work activity
  • Accurate cost identification
  • Possibility to identify the high-consumption department
  • Reduce the possibility of obsolete inventory
  • You can use higher quality PPE with a longer life cycle
  • Inventory reorder notice
  • Consumption statistics
  • Reducing the risk of theft and loss


Easy to use

Easy access for all employees - by using attendance card or chip they will receive PPE they need.

Wide selection of PPE in one place

We fill the CERVA VM BOX with PPE that your employees need, this is up to your company needs. Your employees will be always protected.

Easy refilling and quick maintenance

Our professional team takes care of refilling and maintenance. You have no worries about the vending machine operation.

Control of employees and their consumption

You will have PPE consumption under 100% control. CERVA VM BOX allows you to set the number of PPE for each employee together with permitted sizes. You will be able to see make consumption control and analysis.

All products with one touch

CERVA VM BOX shows you the status of your stock: quantity in stock, financial value and quantity to fill in. The software sends automatic e-mails and can export consumption data to Excel for further analysis.


Our previous practical studies show in the first months operation savings of up to 40%.

However, in longer period the average consumption decreases in the range of 20-25%.



VM - 8 spirals  
power consumption 203Wh/h
dimensions h: 1830 mm x w: 980 mm x d: 845 mm
weight 290 kg
VM - 10 spirals  
power consumption 217Wh/h
dimensions h: 1830 mm x w: 1125 mm x d: 845 mm
weight 320 kg
VM - 12 spirals  
power consumption 227Wh/h
dimensions h: 1830 mm x w: 1290 mm x d: 900 mm
weight 380 kg
power suply 230V/50Hz
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