CIUDADES workwear collection was primarily developed for warmer climate regions of South Europe, Middle East and northern parts of Africa. It consists of a complete range of garments available in a wide variety of colours. Its core products are produced from lightweight fabric of 195 g /m2 composed of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton.

Characteristic simple cut is typical for the collection's workwear jackets, waist and bib pants, overalls and shorts. A common element specific for this collection of garments is the noticeable pocket design. The typical "BASIC" version of the CIUDADES collection is offered in 7 appealing colour combinations - basic black, dark blue, royal blue, green, red, white and grey. The "REXLEX" workwear line of the CIUDADES garments collection, whose fit and colours are based on the "BASIC" collection, is intended for higher safety and visibility at work. It is complemented with reflective stripes on shoulders, sleeves and body parts of jackets; these reflective stripes are sewed on the bottom part of legs on pants, overalls and shorts.

The top HI-VIS line of CIUDADES garments collection fulfils safety classification # 1 and # 2 according to EN ISO 20471. These specific workwear garments are made using light fabric that is composed of 50 % cotton and 50 % polyester in twill-weave. The high cotton content guarantees the required breathability for work in warmer climate conditions.

The wearing comfort and breathability of the fabric are improved by low material weight. The used twill-weave technology increases the final fabric strength. In addition to the basic combination of HI-VIS yellow and orange colours, the collection also offers the combination of HI-VIS and dark blue colours.

The whole collection of CIUDADES garments is completed with stylish T-shirts, polo-shirts, and fleece and softshell jackets.

CIUDADES workwear collection is available in 3 lines - basic, reflex and hi-vis which can be combined with each other. The main difference is in high-visibility category and material - the Hi-Vis line is made of a unique Lumicotex material which combines cotton and polyester.

You can see the complete CIUDADES collection in our catalogue. If we were to emphasise only some of the products, then we could name the products Burgos, Malaga, Valencia, Vigo for all of them.

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