Change in marking of CERVA gloves

We have made some changes in gloves marking, sold under CERVA brand
2021. 07. 14. / Michal Jirák

We would like to inform you about the change in the marking of gloves sold under the CERVA brand. The current marking of chemical gloves features a new print on the back of the glove; all other gloves have a newly sewn-in label with legislative requirements. The blister pack of gloves was also updated as well as the design of disposable glove boxes. We already changed the categorization of gloves in our printed catalogue and on the website last year. Now we have moved a bit further and improved the markings on the back of the gloves, the design of blister packs and disposable glove boxes sold under the CERVA brand

More about the marking

On the back side of the glove (with the exception of selected chemical gloves) there is currently the CERVA logo (letter "C") along with the glove name and company website - www.cerva.comAll mandatory information is then placed on a double-sided label sewn inside the glove. It also has a new design, as you can see below.


New sewn-in label design:

Naturally, not all chemical gloves are provided with a sewn-in label. These gloves have all the information printed on their back side. However, this printing has been affected by changes for the better as well, and even here you can notice the new design.

New design of boxes for disposable gloves

Blister pack marking has undergone fundamental changes

The new blister packs are colour-coded on the basis of size, as well as equipped with pictograms according to individual glove categories (families). The colour coding is inspired by the binding colours of the stitching, which is to be found in individual sizes of seamless gloves. The blister packs are also provided with photographs of the gloves use, which show the user the purpose for which the glove is intended at first glance. You can make a better picture when you look at the photo of the blister pack of Razorbill gloves, which belong to the family of cut and puncture resistant gloves.

Blister pack colour coding based on the size of gloves:

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