Are you about to mow your lawn?

If it is first garden work after winter or not, be careful.

Lawn mowing is a routine job for many people. They put on their shorts and slippers and get right to work so that it's over with as soon as possible. But they forget that even such a common activity may entail unexpected risks. Do not underestimate protection at work during lawn mowing as well and read our tips about protection. It's not rocket science. You just have to keep a few basic principles in mind and wear the correct clothing and personal protective equipment.

1. Protect your feet

It sounds very unlikely. Why should you injure your feet when you are pushing the lawn mower in front of you.

Your feet can slip in the dewy grass or the lawn mower can slide over a hidden root and the blades, which are rotating at a speed of approximately 3,000 rotations per minute at that moment, will cause you a painful injury. Amputated fingers or torn ligaments are among the most serious injuries you can suffer while mowing the lawn.

What about protection?

  • Ideally, always keep your feet at least 30 cm from the lawn mower cover.
  • Avoid mowing wet grass, which can be slippery.
  • When mowing the lawn, only wear solid footwear with reinforced tips. Farmer shoes are perfect.

2. Don't forget your hands either

What are the most common hand injuries when handling a lawn mower? They occur when handling the mower blades or accidentally touching hot parts (such as the engine).

What about protection?

  • Never handle a lawn mower unless you are sure that it is turned off. After it is turned off, wait at least 30 seconds before you start handling it.
  • Do not come near the mower blades with bare hands. You should ideally remove clogged grass using an appropriate tool, such as a metal bar - the jammed mower blade may start rotating spontaneously once the grass is removed even when the engine is turned off.
  • Wear gloves when mowing your lawn.

3. Protect your eyes

Your eyes may seem to be relatively far away from the rotating blades of the lawn mower and, thus, out of any danger. The opposite is true. Before you can blink, a piece of a root or maybe stone that accidentally comes in the way of the lawn mower can hit your eyes. And the consequences, in this case, may be lifelong.

What about protection?

  • There is only one possibility - protect your eyes with safety goggles. Choose, for instance, models with anti-fog protection or models which can be worn together with corrective glasses.

4. Or even better, protect your entire body

Pieces of rocks or roots may not only hit your eye, but any part of your body. And the contact of your bare skin with a hot part of the lawn mower may mark your skin in an ugly way. Therefore, it may not be worth mowing your lawn in shorts and half-dressed.

What about protection?

  • When mowing the lawn, always wear long trousers and long sleeved tops. More solid and resistant materials provide perfect protection.
  • Breathable overalls, for example, are suitable for warmer weather conditions.

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