As 2021 becomes history

we look forward to 2022
Michal Jirák, 2021. 12. 15.

At the beginning of 2021, we completed the acquisition of Fachman – a company selling personal protective equipment and work and leisurewear. Fachman's product portfolio – primarily sells workwear, personal protective equipment and equipment complemented by leisurewear. It thus fits in well with our growth vision. With this move, we followed up on acquiring another Czech company, HYGOTREND Group, in 2020. These acquisitions are part of the company's strategy to expand its activities in our territory and get closer to the end customer. 

We have organized the first online training

The ongoing pandemic of covid-19 has continued to significantly impact our lives this year, especially during the spring and autumn months. However, we managed to respond to the situation and implemented our first online training courses, which were a great success. In March, we held an online webinar focusing on fall protection. In April, we presented the Max collection online to our customers, and in June, our product team also presented the CERVA 2021-2022 catalogue online. 

However, we have also been working hard over the past two years to develop a new website, which we could launch at the end of the holiday season. We realize that there is still a lot to work on, but the new website has taken our company's online presence much further. In addition, you, as our customers and end-users of our products, now have access to a range of exciting information. 

On 26-29 October 2021, we attended the A+A occupational health and safety trade fair in Düsseldorf. This pan-European event brings together representatives from industry, business, politics, and science involved in decision-making in occupational safety and health. At the fair, we presented new products from our product range and, after a covid break, met our customers and partners and toasted to further long-term cooperation. 

Strengthening our position on the domestic market & ambitions for the future

As part of our strategic plan to increase our role in the retail market, we opened our first CERVA store in partnership with Ergotep on 29 November. In the brick-and-mortar store, you will find the best of our production - not only workwear but also leisurewear. At 200 square meters, you will find products from the NEURUM, DAYBORO and MAX collections, warning clothing, PANDA and CERVA footwear and premium gloves made of various materials for different applications. This is the first flagship and entry into the retail market, with more stores to follow in future years.
We intend to continue expanding our business in the coming years by seeking attractive market opportunities - new markets in other countries (we have already established ourselves among the leading players in the PPE market in Western and Eastern Europe), new market segments, product lines. 

We believe that we will do at least as well in the next thirty years and in 2022 as we have done so far, and we wish you nothing less.

Nincs mivel összehasonlítani.