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VI Seminarium produktowe za nami

Jak każdego roku, wczesną jesienią, w gościnnych progach Osady Karbówko, odbyło się w dniach 14-15 września VI już Seminarium Produktowe CERVA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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This trade show can be compared to what the International Motor Show is to the automotive industry or what Hannover's CeBIT is to information technology. The biggest international occupational safety exhibition in the world takes place on 17th October in Düsseldorf. And CERVA will be there, of course. Will you join us? There are going to be many interesting things to be seen this year.

Discarded products

Our jacket helped Haike Ivaničová on the roof of the world

For many climbers an expedition in the Himalayas will be just a dream. But Haike Ivaničová has recently done it. We also kept our fingers crossed for this Slovak climber because she had a garment from our product portfolio in her equipment. And how did all this happen?