CERVA recommends: Tips for Christmas Gifts

Jul 14, 2021 / Michal Jirák

Christmas is already knocking on the door, so we would like to introduce you some tips for Christmas gifts. Although many of you know us as a manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment, be aware that our product portfolio is much more diverse. It may surprise you, but in our offer, you can also find a range of leisure clothing that is suitable for both men and women. To relieve you of the Christmas stress, we have chosen the ideal Christmas gifts for almost everyone.

Great gifts for cool man:

An attractive option that gardeners, fishermen or leisure time lovers will appreciate is the CRAMBE clothing. CRAMBE camouflage clothing made of comfortable materials, you can choose from 3 colour combinations - sand, grey-black and olive.

Olive combination of casual trousers and softshell jacket ensures that you can merge with your surrounding in the forest entirely, grey variant fits, for example on Air-Soft adventure and sand variant finds use in the garden. Besides, you can also buy a T-shirt, summer shorts or a pleasantly warm hooded sweatshirt from CRAMBE clothing.

Our other tips include Dayboro collection products. Although it is primarily working clothes, the collection is refined to the smallest detail. You can easily use the DAYBORO winter jacket or winter pilot jacket for everyday wear. Similarly, a softshell jacket with a water column up to 8000 mm can perfectly suit you during spring walks.

You can also find a gift that pleases many men in our shoe offer. If your partner wears casual jeans, then there is nothing easier than adding them to our BK leather farmers. You can choose from 3 colour variations and summer and warm winter models.

Great gifts for chic woman:

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, then you will surely come to your own. The YOWIE collection has been specially developed for women who want to look attractive in any situation.

This is an original women's collection of work and leisure clothing in modern colour design with an attractive print. The YOWIE collection is made of a highly comfortable and convenient cotton spandex material.

We can recommend a softshell jacket and fleece jacket with embossed printing from all YOWIE garments, for example. However, the collection also includes work gloves, a warm vest and colourful farmer shoes.

Practical gadgets for almost everyone:

Listing our Christmas gift tips would not be complete if we omitted the useful accessories.

During winter, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the items of clothing that warm up. Knitted unisex hat CRAMBE can complement winter outfit both men and women. For long winter walks, our new DELL LED lamp cap is perfect for long walks, and in addition to the normal headgear function, it can shine on the road. During the evening runs, its role is invaluable. Besides, you can choose from Hi-Vis yellow and orange colours, or you can select a more elegant black variant.

You can hide a BURY raincoat in the jacket pocket, which will protect you from unpleasant weather changes. As a "raincoat in the bottle" you can use our new NANOWEAR impregnation, which thanks to its properties will create a protective layer of nanoparticles on clothing and footwear and ensure their full water resistance. With a similar gift under the Christmas tree, you will surely succeed.

Gentlemen and ladies can also use our CLASSIC belt, which you apply to work and leisure trousers. Finally, sportsmen will be pleased with several models of thermal underwear.

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