Reflective clothing that can save you

Reflective clothing can protect you not only on the construction site but also in everyday life
Jul 14, 2021 / Michal Jirák

Hi-Vis clothing, or clothing with reflective elements, can increase the visibility of a person up to ten times during the night. The chances that a driver is noticing you are much higher. Be responsible and wear reflective clothing when moving on the road in poor visibility.

Shorter days bring more accidents

Statistics from Czech roads proves the importance of reflective elements. Between October and December 2015, in the months when it was getting darker earlier, nearly 400 people hit by the cars a month. This number is more than 100 higher than the annual monthly average. The use of garments with reflective elements could these statistics make better in future.

Moreover, we do not have to talk about road traffic alone. Hi-Vis garments also play an essential role in a wide range of workplaces. That's why you can find the Knoxfield collection in our offer. This collection includes a variety of clothes suitable for work in most common workplaces - roads, railways, warehouses and construction.

Which colours are considered "Hi-Vis"?

Two colours are considered as high visible - yellow and red-orange. Red is also allowed if the shade belongs to the orange colour spectrum. Otherwise, red cannot be considered a Hi-Vis colour because it is difficult to recognize for some people with a specific type of colour blindness.


However, the standards for selecting Hi-Vis garments also follow other criteria and specific requirements, which you can read below.

Follow the regulations when you are choosing the reflective clothing

The appearance of reflective clothing depends on workplace specifics. The design of Hi-Vis garments is determined by EN ISO 20471, which divides warning garments into three groups. The size of the surface of the reflective materials is mainly decisive.

Material / Class Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Underlying material 0,14 m2 0,5 m2 0,8 m2
Retro-reflective material 0,1 m2 0,13 m2 0,2 m2
Combined material 0,2 m2 - -

The regulation, besides, determines the size, number and distribution of reflective elements. For example, in the higher security classes, reflective stripes are required to delimit the human body. In this case, using of vest could not be enough.

It should be emphasized that clothing should also have vertical reflective elements. In practice, these elements ensure that the employee is well visible, even if, for example, he or she is bent or kneeled because of work duties.

Choose the class of clothing according to the specific workplace

  • Class 1 - Hi-Vis clothes from this class use employee who do not move on roads or rails (construction, forest).
  • Class 2 - Second Class Safety garments already offer ample reflective surfaces for workers moving on roads or railroads, but with traffic suspended.
  • Class 3 - these garments provide enough protection for workers who work on roads and railways and during operation.

The absence of Hi-Vis garments in these workplaces is not only dangerous but also contravenes the law. The obligation to provide employees with warning clothing is also laid down in a government order. To ensure that you are complying with this Regulation, wear EN ISO 20471: 2013 certified clothing.

Reflective clothing that adapts to any weather!

Hi-Vis clothing should suit not only because of safety but also meet with practical use requirements or meteorological conditions. Let's be honest winter jacket is not ideal for use during summer and Versa.

During hot summer days, employees will be pleased to put on a T-shirt or vest, while in winter they will appreciate a warm lining jacket that warms up. Moreover, they will not be restricted in movement by an additional reflective layer of clothing.

We thought of everything, so you can choose clothes according to the conditions that are waiting for workers in the workplace. Not to forget, in our range of warning clothing, you can find products that you can use in the most demanding operations. If you are looking for reflective clothing that is non-flammable or characterized by increased resistance to chemicals, you are in the right place.

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