DAYBORO - how to look good in work clothes?

Read the article so you can see for yourself what makes this comfortable collection so unique!
Jul 14, 2021 / Michal Jirák

Working clothes from the Dayboro collection are currently the most attractive things you can find in the latest CERVA catalogue. Individual pieces from the collection are not only very functional, but also comfortable. In addition, we follow trends and therefore want you to look good in our new collection as well.

What Dayboro collection includes?

The Dayboro collection is made of a unique TRIFIBETEX material, which is a combination of natural cotton and synthetic fibers of polyester and spandex. The combination of these materials makes TRIFIBETEX a fabric that gives you maximum range of movement and comfort when working on your knees or lying down.

In addition to great looks and comfort, the Dayboro collection also offers features a host of practical features:

  • Reinforced material in stressed areas
  • Reflective elements to ensure your safety even in low light conditions
  • Practical tool pockets and mobile phone
  • Flexible waist system to ensure that your trousers fit perfectly when standing or lying down

Dayboro workwear is available in a wide range of sizes and 6 attractive colour combinations to choose from.

From the Dayboro collection, everyone can choose whether they are looking for work Pants for working in the warehouse or shorts for hot summer days. In winter, the extended winter jacket or winter pilot-style jackets warm you up. They meet the most stringent demands for functionality and comfort as well.

The complete collection includes:

  • Pants
  • Bib pants
  • 3/4 pants
  • Shorts
  • Jackets with a detachable hood
  • Hooded jackets
  • Softshell jackets
  • Extended winter jackets (parkas)
  • Winter pilot-style jackets

Material allowing a complete range of movements:

What makes the Dayboro collection so unique? The common experience of most wearers of workwear is similar. Practical clothes, which is primarily to fulfil its protective function. User comfort or even design has not been much taken into consideration in the past.

However, the Dayboro collection is different. Work clothes, of course, fulfil their primary function, i.e. to protect, but in addition, it is very comfortable and great emphasis is also placed on the design side. Unique and innovative TRIFIBETEX material ensures maximum mobility and comfort. With a little exaggeration, one could say that the Dayboro workwear is so comfortable that you will want to sleep in it.

Are you wondering what TRIFIBETEX is? No wonder you're groping, it's a unique material that is a blend of 3 fibers - cotton, polyester, and elastic spandex. The combination of natural and two synthetic fibers ensures maximum comfort and flexibility of movement in any work. At the same time, functionality is maintained. Each fiber plays a specific role in TRIFIBETEX material:

  • Cotton - natural fiber, which accounts for almost two thirds of TRIFIBETEX fabric, ensures a very pleasant feel to the touch, high breathability and excellent absorbency of the material.
  • Polyester - The industrially manufactured fiber, which contributes 35% of the new fabric, increases strength, while also providing the fabric with shape stability, dirt resistance, and overall product life even with frequent washing.
  • Spandex - material specific to its excellent attributes. It can stretch in tension up to twice its original length and then return to its original size. So, clothes made of TRIFIBETEX fabric are comfortable whether you are lying, sitting or your work requires a wide range of movement.

Working clothes from the Dayboro collection made of the latest TRIFIBETEX material thus meet the demanding requirements for high wearing comfort, easy maintenance, and long service life, and thanks to their high cotton content they are also environmentally friendly.

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