Cortina Safety Shoes

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Jul 14, 2021 / Michal Jirák

Cortina safety shoes reliably protect you at work. Besides, you will have a great feeling from wearing them because of its ergonomics. Even a several-hour working shift becomes much more tolerable. Forget the feeling of tired legs! The most significant benefit and at the same time, an element that distinguishes this shoe from the competition is its tapered toe shape. This eye-catching shape is not the only thing that characterises the shoe it fits much better on narrower feet as well. Cortina footwear is not as robust as comparable footwear and can also be used by women.

Why is it worth to invest in buying Cortina shoes?

Cortinas offer several benefits that you do not usually meet. It is an attractive shoe with upper consists of a combination of high-quality leather and highly resistant textile material CORDURA. The characteristic features of CORDURA are its breathability and high abrasion resistance, and it is also a water-resistance material. CORDURA's advantages have been asserted in the design of the shoe's tongue and around the ankle.

The shoes have double-density polyurethane sole with a lower density inside the shoe and higher outside. The lower density ensures a comfortable feeling during wearing while the outer part is more wear-resistant due to the higher hardness.

Instead of a classic metal insole, the Cortina shoe uses a flexible non-metallic insole K18. It is a safety element that protects against perforation of the sole. Compared to the metal insole, the K18 insole is much lighter and more flexible, which again enhances the feeling of wearing this safety shoe.

This type of footwear is produced in two versions - low shoes and high ankle shoes. Both are particularly suitable for outdoor work. The lower one finds its use in indoor activities as well. Because of using non-metallic parts these shoes are ideal for use at the airport.

It is also worth mentioning the origin of footwear because it is 100% made in Europe, which is no longer a rule, but rather an exception. If you are considering buying quality shoes at a reasonable price, Cortina could be the right choice.

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More about the key features of Cortina:

In the introduction, we talk about Cortina as safety shoes, and it has a reason.

Do you know what the difference between safety and work shoes is? Unlike working boots, safety shoes are fitted with a toe cap (either metal or non-metal). In other words, safety shoes are a subset of work shoes. Tip protection (whether steel, aluminium or composite) should reliably protect the foot against pressure and impact with an intensity of 200 joules.

Another typical feature of safety shoe is the non-slip sole (divided into three categories SRA, SRB and SRC). In general, these requirements for safety shoes are regulated by EN ISO 20345: 2011, which specifies the essential characteristics for each category of safety shoes. Depending on the future use of footwear, it is necessary to choose their level of safety. It divides safety shoes into seven categories: S1 | S1P | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5.

Safety shoes Cortina belongs to category S3, so it must and of course, also meets the requirements for this category.

The Cortina thus have a non-slip sole (the highest level of slip resistance - SRC) and are also able to absorb energy in the heel area. The upper of the shoe is water-resistant, but on the other hand, it retains its breathability, which is essential to ensure an excellent feeling of wearing.

The outsole is oil resistant as standard. And of course, there is no missing the composite toe cap and non-metallic puncture-resistant insole.

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