Comfort redefined with new QLS system

Tie your shoes using a single dial QLS - Quick Lacing System
Jul 14, 2021 / Michal Jirák

Imagine that both your shoes are always tied perfectly. Not too tight, not too loose. You feel great working all day, the lacing does not push against the instep and your heel is not bouncing around either. This dream can come true with the new QLS lacing system.

QLS is addictively easy - tie your shoe by turning the dial clockwise, loosen it slightly to reach the perfect fit by turning it counter-clockwise. This ensures that the shoe fits perfectly, your shoelaces cannot come untied and the tightness of the shoe is constant throughout the day.

Untying the shoe is just as easy. Simply push the button on the shoe and the laces untie. In addition to the dial, the shoes also feature a unique lacing system - the laces are under constant light tension which allows them to move in a regular and free motion in the special loops. That is why the lacing does not get stuck and lasts longer.

Would you like to test this revolutionary shoe lacing method? We have two models of Panda shoes with the QLS system in stock.

  • Panda Low Shoes No. Five - low work footwear made of grain leather with a non-metal toe box and an insole made of heat-resistant aramid.
  • Panda ankle shoes No. Six - these safety shoes feature the same elements as Low Shoes No. Five but they are suitable for more demanding occupations that require ankle protection.

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