CleanSpace2 upevňovacie pásky
Príslušenstvo ochrana dýchacích orgánov
CleanSpace2 head harness is designed to be used with the CleanSpace2 respirator (PAF-0034); the head harness is included with every CleanSpace2 unit (PAF-0034); the part (PAF-0030) is a spare used for replacement in case of damage or loss; the head harness is made of fabric and attached to the unit using Velcro strips; important: these head harness is fabric with Velcro and should not be used when handling friable asbestos or intrinsically safe certified zones; designed for comfort over long periods; easy and quick replacement; product weight 69 g; product dimensions 580 mm (elastic strap) x 220 mm
Hmotnosť: 69 g
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