Standing for a long time in one place?

We know how to alleviate the effects of reduced productivity while doing so. Let's find out more!
Jul 13, 2021 / Michal Jirák

According to research, almost half of employees across Europe complain about working in painful or tiring positions. A common reason is working standing up, which causes bad blood circulation in the feet and causes back and joint pain. We know how to reduce these consequences of working while standing up. Problems with the spine, muscle stiffness or pain in the hips, for example, causes employees to quickly get tired, which can translate into a lower work performance. Meanwhile it takes so little to improve work conditions.

Change the attitude of employees, increase productivity

The floors in large manufacturing or assembly halls are generally made of concrete or tiles. However, such surfaces are very disadvantageous for long-term standing and are really hard on the body. The problems that stem from this are called musculoskeletal disorders - MSD and most often impair the function of the back, shoulders and limbs. It is estimated that these diseases will affect about 50% of the population by 2030.

You can have this disease without knowing about it (it also affects those who vice versa sit for a long time while working). In the beginning, it manifests in back and joint pain, but it can continue with varicose veins and headaches and even lead to more serious problems. Additionally, the seemingly slight difficulties may lead to distraction and unpleasant accidents.

It is simply necessary to stand in certain types of employment. The conditions and method of standing, however, can be easily improved with anti-fatigue mats.

How do the mats help?

The arteries distribute blood from the heart throughout the body, including to the legs. When we walk, the calf muscles contract and improve blood flow. But when we stand in place, blood can accumulate in the calves, causing swelling and impairing circulation.

The anti-fatigue mat is made of soft cushions on which the feet move slightly, adapting to the material. It is sufficient that the muscles contract and expand, and help blood circulation. At the same time, the movement of the feet forces the body to maintain stability and uneven weight distribution therefore does not occur (during normal standing, we unknowingly transmit up to 70% of our weight to the right foot). Thanks to that, the joints and spine are not burdened so much.

Anti-fatigue mats are thus not only anti-fatigue but they also:

  • reduce pain in the legs,
  • suppress the pain of the back muscles and spine,
  • relieve the pain in the joints and hips,
  • trigger muscle activity and thus encourage blood circulation,
  • thermally insulate from cold and damp floors,
  • protect not only the employee but also the floor from damage.

Choose an anti-fatigue mat from our offer and increase the productivity of your employees.

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