Panda safety presents Monza and Mistral

Durable shoes for the most demanding conditions
Jul 14, 2021 / Michal Jirák

CERVA has owned Italian company Panda Safety for 11 years. Both organizations are walking together on the way to help protect human health. During more than 40 years of its existence, Panda Safety has built a reputation as a brand, whose employees emphasize the quality of their products in every detail. Let's take a closer look at two models with maximum resistance

Panda Safety was established in 1979 in Cisternino, southern Italy. Throughout its existence, it has continuously been developing and improving its working footwear. Safety shoes are becoming a more complicated and high-quality safety equipment thanks to the research of natural materials and the use of more sophisticated components. At present, it is working underway to enhance the shape and anatomical characteristics of footwear while maintaining maximum safety standards.

Panda footwear is used in almost any work environment. Thanks to the extremely high-quality standards and almost "German" precision, Panda Safety has gained the trust of both major corporate customers and a significant number of end-users. Moreover, we are not only talking about the Italian or European market. With a little exaggeration, Italian shoes have travelled the world with customers from more than 50 countries.

What is the basic philosophy of Panda Safety?

The quality of Panda's working and safety footwear is based on three foundations - the quality of material, years of experience and specialization in each work activities.

Footwear is always made from top quality raw materials to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for every worker. Even during prolonged use, the worker does not perceive discomfort while still being protected.

With 40 years of product development experience, Panda Safety can offer products that fulfil the real needs of every worker. But let's show you these features on specific models.


MISTRAL ankle shoes perfectly combine safety and comfort. The upper part is made of water-resistant natural leather. The ankle is protected by a cushion that protects this joint from any side impact.

The MISTRAL polyurethane sole protects users from a wide range of risks. It has an anti-slip and anti-static function and is also resistant to oil contact. This model is considered one of the best models from the Italian shoe manufacturer, thanks to its versatility.



In general practice, you cannot encounter a hit or sharp object that could compromise the integrity of this low lace-up shoe. MONZA footwear excels in its simplicity. Nevertheless, it offers maximum quality.

It is using the best materials in the production of these footwear. Inner lining with antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment retained maximum breathability. Protection is also provided by a steel toe and insole that satisfy the requirements of EN ISO 20345.

SRC sole with atypical construction offers additional protection in the heel and toe area, and also extends the life of the shoe. The padded collar with those mentioned above hygienic inner lining guarantees a pleasant wearing feel and cleanliness.


Both shoes belong to the STRONG PROFESSIONAL collection with, e.g. TIGROTTO footwear. This shoe collection is using in work environments where high shoe durability is required without compromising user mobility and comfort.

Generally, the shoes in this series are characterized by a dual-density polyurethane sole that is softer and more flexible on the inside and harder and more durable on the tread side. Thanks to its properties, it also guarantees considerable slip protection and maximum comfort even during long-term use.

However, the collection stands out not only for its extraordinary technical characteristics but also for its innovative design. Reflective colour stitching, which was used, contrasting with the black natural leather used to make the upper part.

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