CETIA anticut sleeve -
Color: grey
36 cm
45 cm
56 cm
N45 cm
EN 407 (X1XXXX)
Gloves against thermal risks
EN 388 (4X4XC)
Gloves against mechanical risks
EN 420
Gloves - general requirements
Gloves material: HPPE, glass fibres, DuPont kevlar, lycra
Protective anti-cut sleeve. Lengths 36 cm and 56 cm, made of Taeki material = anti-cut protection and temperature up to 100 degrees.
EN 407 (X1XXXX)
EN 388 (4X4XC)
EN 420 


DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber is used to make a variety of clothing, gloves and accessories, heat and cut resistant. It’s lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong.
LYCRA® fiber is the brand name of the original spandex (elastane) fiber invented in 1958. LYCRA® fiber is the trademarked brand name of a class of synthetic elastic fibers known as spandex in the U.S., and elastane in the rest of the world. Even adding a small percentage of LYCRA® fiber to natural and man-made fibers adds lasting comfort, fit, shape retention and durability to the finished fabric. LYCRA® fiber enhances each fabric and garment in which it is used, providing a comfortable fit wash after wash, perfect shape move after move, lasting performance time after time, and ultimate durability day after day.

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