Five tips how to survive New Year's Eve festivities!

In connection with our article about Christmas risks, we would like to advise you on how to survive in health New Year celebrations. New Year's Eve celebrations offer a variety of threats. Most of them may be familiar to you, but it is not a matter of remembering them all the time. We aim to protect human health, so we would like to draw attention to the most common risks in this way. We would also like to wish you all the best in the new year and a minimum of accidents in the workplace and not only there. We believe that we will continue to be a capable and reliable partner in this mission.


New Year's Eve is one of the happiest days of the year. We can celebrate the ending year with our loved ones and welcome the challenges of the following year with open arms. During the New Year's celebrations, however, many traps are waiting for us, which can make us unhappy. However, following these five tips should protect you enough to enjoy New Year's Eve celebrations without unpleasant stumbling.

1. Leave your car at home if you are expecting to drink

The first advice may seem obvious, but it is not a matter of remembering this rule always. Alcohol consumption and subsequent driving endanger not only yourself but also all other road users. Statistics speak a clear language. For the New Year, drunken drivers cause twice as many accidents as usual.

You can help improve this statistic not only by not driving under the influence of alcohol yourself. You can also prevent people near you from doing this blemish behaviour. If you register a not sober friend or family member who is planning to sit behind the wheel, stop him from being ill-behaved. Just take the keys and get him another way home (taxi or Uber).

2. Do not plan to drive during New Year

Drinking alcohol during New Year's Eve is not uncommon, rather the opposite. Therefore, if you plan to travel for the New Year, manage yourself according to the amount of alcohol you drunk the previous evening.

Alcohol breaks down maybe longer than you think, and an accident, even if you are not guilty, under the influence of the so-called "residual alcohol" can have enormous consequences for you. (Even if you feel subjectively sober, it doesn't mean that is the case). You should consider not driving at all for the New Year and using, public transportation, bus, train or taxi.

Even when you are sure that you have sobered (for example, endorsed by a certified alcohol tester) pay close attention to your ride. Also, though you are sober, there is a much higher likelihood that there will be another driver in your area who will be tired, worse, under the influence of alcohol.

3. Be careful during the celebrations

When everyone is celebrating, and the mood is relaxed, there is a higher risk of someone trying to take advantage of this situation. The potential "danger" is more probable in larger cities in places with a high concentration of people.

At least make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone before you leave the house to stay in touch with your loved ones if necessary. Preferably, move in a group with someone well-known, and above all (although that goes without saying), never accept an open drink from someone else.

Finally, keep track of your valuables. Please do not put them in your pockets where they can easily fall out or be stolen. If you arrive by car, then think that your vehicle is not the safest place.

4. Pay attention of fireworks and other pyrotechnics

Fireworks are funny and beautiful to watch. But they can also be very dangerous. If you decide to celebrate New Year in style, you need to think first about your safety.

If you cannot imagine the celebration without pyrotechnics, use only legal pyrotechnics according to the instructions!!! Ideally, not under the influence of alcohol. It's good to have a fire extinguisher at hand to prevent any unexpected complications. It would be best if you ignited fireworks, preferably outside the populated area. Despite all precautions, firing pyrotechnics cannot be recommended.

Also, remember your beloved pets. If your furry friend is surprised by the sound of fireworks, it may try to escape in a panic. Make sure they survive the New Year's Eve festivities in a safe familiar and closed place.

5. A good meal is a base of the pleasant evening

It may seem like a bad recommendation, especially after Christmas, but don't worry, one hearty dinner won't danger your shape. Conversely, it serves as an excellent prevention of the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.

Protein-rich foods such as cheese, meat and nuts are especially suitable. These foods slow down the absorption of alcohol in the digestive system. This will give your body more time to process alcohol.

Our liver can metabolize approximately one small beer, 1.5 dl of wine or a shot of alcohol liqueur per hour. If you have a hearty dinner before consuming alcoholic beverages, you will give your body more time to absorb alcohol, which you will appreciate not only in the evening but especially the next morning. If possible, treat yourself to some small snacks during the evening, ideally, for example, nuts.

Choose the right way into New Year

You may be wondering, you have not learned anything new, but sometimes it is not a matter of course to remember. If you follow the above advice, you will significantly increase your chances of ending 2019 in peace and without stress.

Do not drink before you drive, be sure you are sober before you drive the next day, be cautious to your surroundings, be careful with fireworks and finally, do not forget to dine properly. Following these 5 simple rules will save you from many inconveniences. Don't let the New Year's danger ruins your celebration. Be prepared, have fun and enjoy a happy New Year!

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