SR 315 filtre à gaz ABE1
EN 14387 (ABE1)
Filtres à gaz et filtres combinés
Gas filter SR 315 Class 1 are designed for use with Sundström half masks and full face masks. The filter are of type ABE and provide protection against the following types of gases and vapours: Type A protects against organic gases and vapours, such as solvents, with boiling points > +65 °C. Type B protects against inorganic gases and vapours, such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen cyanide. Type E protects against acidic gases and vapours, such as sulphur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. The gas filter can easily be combined with particle filter SR 510 P3 R in order to obtain protection also against aerosols (particles), e.g. during spray painting.
EN 14387 (ABE1)
Fabriqué dans l'EU
Poids de l'article: 146.1

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