JSP Portagate 4 Gate útkorlát piros/fehé
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Szín: piros
Portagate® Compact Barrier Gate System The Portagate® is a blow moulded high density polyethylene barrier, supplied as a 3 or 4 gate system. Light and compact, the Portagate® is designed to meet communications industry requirements and enables increased quantities per vehicle. Configurations - Adjoining clips allow multi-positioning configurations to be formed such as a triangle, a square or a single line. Firm hold - By sliding the top hinge clip down panels can be locked securely into formations. Added stability - Designed to accept anti-trip feet for increase stability. Temporary signage - Recesses are included for toggle mounted courtesy signs to enable the system to be fully closed with the signs still attached. Reflective panels - Class R1 reflective panels which are 20% more reflective than standard lower grade reflective material conforming to BS 8442. Stackable - Can be stacked in any 180° orientation to a height of 20 units for 4 gate systems and 25 for 3 gate systems.

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