A kényelem újrafogalmazása. Fűzze be cipőjét egyetlen mozdulattal a CGW fűzőfeszítő rendszerrel.

Képzelje el, hogy a cipője mindig tökéletesen van bekötve. Nem is túl bő, nem is túl szoros. A nap teljes hosszában kényelemben dolgozhat, nem nyomja a rüsztjét, de nem is mozog a sarka a cipőben. Mindez nem álom többé, a GGW fűzőfeszítő rendszerrel.

A Rehamij Nederland B.V. átveszi a CERVA összes üzleti aktivitását a Benelux államokban

A CERVA Belgium megváltoztatja nevét Midex Safety-re és elhagyja a CERVA GROUP a.s. csoportot

Valuable know-how within your grasp. Just watch our live streams

In today's world, high-quality information is worth gold - but at CERVA, our information is available to all of you. We have successfully arranged for two exciting live streams on hearing protection and, in the near future, we are already planning another one - this time, we decided for a live session from our stand at the A+A conference in Düsseldorf. All you have to do is follow us.

Review by a big craftsmen portal: Assent workwear withstand way more than average

Triple stitching in the crotch and in the knees, or reinforced material in the most exposed parts - skilled workmen from the portal ČeskýKutil.cz revealed what they like the most about the Assent trousers.

CERVA workshop on the protection of airways led by several major figures in the field in the Czech Republic

On Wednesday 27 September, we held the first CERVA workshop for safety engineers. All the things that took place at our premises will be remembered by the workshop participants for a long time.