Valuable know-how within your grasp. Just watch our live streams

In today's world, high-quality information is worth gold - but at CERVA, our information is available to all of you. We have successfully arranged for two exciting live streams on hearing protection and, in the near future, we are already planning another one - this time, we decided for a live session from our stand at the A+A conference in Düsseldorf. All you have to do is follow us.

In the first part of our live internet broadcasting, we discussed the issue of hearing protection in general; the second part was dedicated to specific solutions that will easily ensure hearing protection at your workplace.

Live streams offer a great value for both corporate safety engineers and responsible do-it-yourselfers, who do not have time to come to us for consultation in person. Just make sure that you always have a notebook or a memo pad ready so that you can easily make notes.

If you missed the first two live streams, don't worry - we will soon post videos on our Facebook or YouTube. So stay tuned.

Just a few clicks to be in Düsseldorf

It is over 700 km from Prague to Düsseldorf, so it might be easier for you to visit A+A trade fair from the warmth of your home or office. Our third live stream will come from nowhere else but the occupational safety and health trade fair taking place in western Germany.

You just need to tune in to be able to experience the great atmosphere at the conference. So make sure to follow our Facebook where we will inform you about the live stream in advance.