Montrose – clothing that every production floor or assembly shop employee dreams about

Even after an intensive shift full of physically demanding tasks in a hot environment, they still feel fresh in the clothing. It even allows them to move safely around the bodywork of a brand new car without worry, since there is no risk of damaging it with a protruding zipper. And it fits simply everyone thanks to the adjustable size and the special men's and women's cut. In short, the Montrose collection is a dream come true for every indoor worker.

Thousands of volunteers will once again be cleaning up the Czech Republic with our gloves

It takes hundreds of years for them to decompose in nature. And unfortunately, there are quite a lot of them in the woods and unkempt shrubs. Tyres will be the focus of this year's campaign "Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic". And we will once again be providing gloves to the volunteers.

Footwear for every profession in one place

Take a look at a new website dedicate only for work shoes of brand CERVA . You can filter by categories and types of protection there.

Customers will fall in love with the new labelling of DuPont Tyvek overalls

Clearer product names, prettier packaging, new certifications. DuPont work clothes now with a new face.

CERVA GROUP extends its presence in Germany

With the acquisition of CERVA Arbeitskleidung GmbH (CA), CERVA GROUP a.s. (CG) secured the expansion of its business activities on the German personal protective equipment (PPE) market.