Poznań, Istanbul, Rotterdam. Cerva Is Expecting a Busy Fair-Filled Spring. Will You Come See Us?

Starting with the most-visited meeting of occupational safety professionals in Rotterdam, followed by the largest occupational safety fair in Central and Eastern Europe in Poznań. And finally, we are heading to a major fair organised by the Turkish Ministry of Labour. We have a busy spring program, come see us.

We are sending a truck full of gloves for “Uklidme Cesko”– a volunteer cleaning event whose aim is to clean up illegally incurred landfill and mess in the nature.

Broken glass, cigarette butts or plastic packaging. Tens of thousands of volunteers across the country will crack down on the litter flood on Saturday 7 April. Our company has supported the Let's clean the Czech Republic event for the third time already.

Hotel Golf in Prague becomes one of the safest places for a day

At least as far as work safety is concerned. Thanks to the training course we held there, the concentration of safety technicians per square meter increased sharply. What did they learn? The latest trends and innovation and plenty of inspiration in the area of workplace ergonomics.

Are you involved in ensuring occupational safety in your company? Come to our workshop

Do you want to learn about what's new and about the latest trends in the field of workplace ergonomics? Or do you actively deal with ergonomics, but need to discuss this topic with experts? This workshop offers a perfect opportunity to do so.

Rehamij Nederland B.V. to Assume All Future Benelux Business Activities

CERVA Belgium NV to be renamed, removed from CERVA GROUP a.s.