We are sending a truck full of gloves for “Uklidme Cesko”– a volunteer cleaning event whose aim is to clean up illegally incurred landfill and mess in the nature.

Broken glass, cigarette butts or plastic packaging. Tens of thousands of volunteers across the country will crack down on the litter flood on Saturday 7 April. Our company has supported the Let's clean the Czech Republic event for the third time already.

We are very aware of the fact that the volunteers will need much more than just their enthusiasm. When handling dirty and often also sharp objects, they must protect their hands. For that reason, we donated 4,592 pairs of gloves for them this year worth more than 10.000 EUR. Thanks to these gloves, the litter picking will only result in the need to wash one's hands instead of having to pay a visit to a surgery.

Join Uklidme Cesko event as well. All you need to do is sign up as a participant and join the scheduled litter picking efforts, or make your own litter picking group with colleagues at work for instance.