Parts for Paris Metro Are Coated in Česká Lípa. Thanks to CleanSpace and Us, the Highest Possible Respiratory Protection Is Used

Paris metro as well as regional trains in Germany and France. Train parts for the entire Europe are manufactured in Česká Lípa. The production process also includes grinding and coating. And therefore, we headed to Česká Lípa to present a revolutionary, easily portable respiratory protection method - the CleanSpace filtration unit.

The primary parts, steel structures and basic train interior parts are manufactured in the Česká Lípa plant of the global leader in rail technology, Bombardier Transportation.

The employees have to grind, weld and coat the individual parts. Billions of microscopic particles that people must not breathe in are generated in the process.

Therefore,we travelled to Česká Lípa with the CleanSpace filtration mask. We demonstrated its advantages in practice and lent them the mask for testing. The professional presentation was led by the most competent person of all - Global Sales Director for CleanSpace - Jon Imms.

And what did the employees in Česká Lípa appreciate the most about the CleanSpace unit? What makes it truly revolutionary?

  • The unit consists only of a mask and a compact lightweight box. You do not have to carry any cables or hoses.
  • Active filtration turns on when one breathes in and is not running on idle half the time, thereby significantly saving the filters.
  • CleanSpace comes with various levels of respiratory protection and filters depending on the type of activity and work environment.

The plant management will also appreciate the low costs of long-term use.

We are pleased to introduce this revolutionary filtration mask from Australia in our market. We are already looking forward to the test results that will soon come back from Bombardier Transportation Czech Republic. Next time, we might be presenting the unit in your plant.

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