The Right Way to Protect Your Hands and Hearing at Work

CERVA training with valuable information for safety engineers, this time focusing on work in noise and hand protection during manual work

Do you know the right way to protect your hands and hearing at work?

This was the motto of a free training organized by CERVA for safety engineers as a part of CERVA Academy which took place at the Golf Hotel in Prague. As safety engineers are the ones having a say when it comes to the choice of appropriate protective equipment, it is important for them to be well-informed about the newest trends and possibilities regarding PPE. CERVA Academy trainings will cover innovative topics also in the years to come to provide support to safety engineers and others in making the right choice of PPE.

How did the last training go then? The entire day was dedicated to issues such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, hazards of working in noisy environment, and protective equipment that helps prevent such risks. It also covered legislative information about the statutory limits and recommendations of experts. The objectives of the seminar, i.e. increasing awareness of possible risk prevention, legislation and statutory requirements, have been met with the help of MUDr. Beata Dlouhá, a general practitioner providing occupational health care services and an external teacher at Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education (IPVZ), and Ing. Michala Hájková, EHS Manager and President of the membership of ZUBOZ (Czech Risk Prevention Association).

What did the participants learn? How to specify noise at work correctly, how and when to use PPE to deal with hearing protection issues, what are the most common upper limb disorders caused by manual work, and how to choose the right PPE for hand protection.

If you missed the seminar or could not attend due to lack of time, keep an eye on our website to be able to join one of our next CERVA trainings. Or email us at to make sure you get an invitation to a next CERVA Academy event.