CERVA workshop on the protection of airways led by several major figures in the field in the Czech Republic

On Wednesday 27 September, we held the first CERVA workshop for safety engineers. All the things that took place at our premises will be remembered by the workshop participants for a long time.

A speech on the protection of airways was brought by nobody less than Ms. Ing. Michaela Hájková - a woman with more than 20 years of experience as safety engineer in Aero Vodochody, 3M or Amazon and, at the same time, the chairwoman of the members' section committee of the Expert Institute for Safety and Health Protection.

Her exposition was complemented, in technical terms, by MUDr. Beata Dlouhá, a specialist in the respiratory system and a court appointed expert in reconstruction of occupational accidents. You could hardly find better experts in the field in the Czech Republic.

In full openness, both ladies shared their knowledge and experience from long-lasting practice, which cannot be found in any books or any articles available on the Internet.

The workshop was so exciting that, at the end, several of the 30 participants did not feel like going home.

The topics covered at the workshop included among other:

  • groups of hazardous substances - hazardous areas,
  • particle filters,
  • filtration categories and efficiency of single-use respirators,
  • beard and protective factor,
  • gas filters and their service life,
  • choice of respiratory aid and the correct filter,
  • in-house corporate programmes for protection of airways,
  • protection in terms of workload,
  • emergency systems,
  • FIT Test - how to conduct a leak test,
  • welding - fumes, risks and protection,
  • asbestos, handling thereof and protection,
  • isocyanates and protection,
  • standards in the Czech Republic and in the EU.

There is not enough room to list all the topics. Naturally, the workshop was closed with a Q&A session.

If you were not able to participate this time, you should definitely for that absence next time.