Helping Teplice Futsal Players to Achieve Healthier Results

In CERVA, we strive to improve working conditions and take care of human health. It is Svarog Teplice futsal players' job to win matches. Starting from the new season, we will support them in their efforts.

This time, however, we will not be delivering work gloves, reflective clothing or helmets. We will support the development of Teplice futsal all the way from the first team to the youngest age categories. This is because we know that a healthy body requires regular movement from early childhood. Protection of health is essential to us and therefore we believe that our support can improve injury prevention.

The following weekend starts a new season of Varta futsal league and the pre-season test went really well for Svarog - in an international tournament in Teplice with excellent international teams, Svarog has made it to the final. The champion of the German league, Hohenstein - Ernstthal won this tournament. So we believe that in the upcoming season, Svarog will be fighting for the highest position.

You can follow Teplice futsal players on ČT sport during their matches in the 1st VARTA League.