Forty-year-old in great shape: Panda celebrates a decennial anniversary

The first pair of Panda Safety shoes saw the light of day in 1979, before most of us were even born or were playing with toy cars in the playground. Panda celebrates 40 years and CERVA sends our congratulations.

The Panda Safety brand is synonymous with safe yet elegant work shoes. These shoes from the south of Italy are comfortable and full of technical tricks, such as the practical CGW dial lacing system. This is why they are worn by people in almost 70 countries.

Every day, Panda produces 5,000 pairs of shoes for craftsmen, operators in factories and do-it-yourselfers. We thank Panda Safety for helping with occupational safety, just like we do. And we wish the Italian company all the best for the next forty years.

Take a look at our store and see if any of the safety shoe models fit you. We offer sandals, low shoes as well as ankle shoes.