Environmental protection is one of our priorities

Take-back and recycling scheme is ensured for all products supplied by CERVA GROUP a. s. which are classified in the electric appliances category, including the attached or built-in batteries by involving CERVA GROUP a. s. or its suppliers to one of the collective take-back systems for electronic waste and batteries.

The environmental hazard posed by batteries and accumulators lies mainly in the content of toxic substances (Mercury, Zinc, Cadmium) and therefore these wastes are classified as hazardous. The basic step to reduce the environmental impact of discarded batteries is to reduce the content of toxic components therein and to use secondary electrochemical cells.

These efforts are supported by legislation. One way to significantly reduce the migration of toxic substances into the environment is to introduce a separate collection, which significantly helps to reduce contamination of mixed waste by foreign substances and waste of basic raw materials. It is therefore a moral and legal obligation for any company that uses these substances which are classified as hazardous, to ensure their take-back and recycling. We, CERVA GROUP a. s., proudly join this initiative.

We cooperate with ASEKOL on recycling of our electrical equipment and batteries. It is a non-profit organization that organizes the system for the take-back of electric appliances all over the Czech Republic on behalf of manufacturers and importers of electrical equipment. It ensures collection, transport and recycling of old electrical appliances, including the financing of the whole system.