Garments from craftsmen for craftsmen available on a new website

Adjustable trouser leg length and waist width, triple stitching at the right places and numerous pockets and straps for tools. You get what you asked for. Indeed, the collection is a result of long-time cooperation with craftsmen, from tilers to plumbers

For as long as since the 1990's, founders of a Dutch workwear company Rehamij has been following craftsmen during their work, asking them questions to find out what they need. Every answer, every comment and every wish is reflected in the design of the Assent workwear collection. Thanks to that, you do not have to choose among dozens of types of trousers, jackets and accessories. We have a single type for each and every profession. You will be surprised to see how perfect the workwear fits you.

See for yourself on the website

Already now, the Assent workwear is worn by thousands of craftsmen across Europe, from whom we have received lots of positive feedback. On the new Assent website, you can choose specific workwear tailored for your profession. Or let's find immediately the nearest of our 226 stored, where you can buy the Assent workwear. CERVA GROUP is the exclusive distributor on CEE markets.