Montrose – clothing that every production floor or assembly shop employee dreams about

Even after an intensive shift full of physically demanding tasks in a hot environment, they still feel fresh in the clothing. It even allows them to move safely around the bodywork of a brand new car without worry, since there is no risk of damaging it with a protruding zipper. And it fits simply everyone thanks to the adjustable size and the special men's and women's cut. In short, the Montrose collection is a dream come true for every indoor worker.

Spring is about to arrive and many people are looking forward to the weather finally calling off its close relationship with freezing temperatures and converging towards thirty degrees for some time again. For employees who work at least 8 hours a day on production floors and in assembly shops, however, this means that hell is on its way.

Sweaty garments sticking to their body, sweltering in an airless environment and counting the minutes until they can go outside to catch some fresh air during a break.

The Montrose collection was developed exactly for these situations.

Clothing for indoor operations that allows the body to breathe throughout the working day. The collection was prepared in close cooperation with both workers and operators of assembly shops and production floors. As a result:

  • it offers perfect ventilation thanks to ventilation holes in the armpits, on the back and on the inside of thighs;
  • it has a pocket for an RFID chip, a D-ring for an ID card hidden underneath the pocket flap, as well as many other practical features;
  • and, at the same time, it is fully free of metal components, so that there is no risk that workers might scratch an assembled passenger car with a metal zipper or clip for instance.

We also kept the maintenance aspect in mind. As a result, Montrose clothing is suitable for industrial washing and easy to sort before laundering thanks to an identification tag on which you can write the employee's name, identification number and name of the operation unit.

The Montrose collection includes jackets, waist pants as well as bib pants in various sizes and colours for both men and women. You can also adjust the waist and trouser leg size in the different models. Thanks to these features, they simply fit everyone.

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